We are proud to support over 150 Massage Therapists & Wholistic Practitioners!

In the fall of 1994 a small group of like-minded bodywork therapists came together to form a professional association to support a fast growing field of wholistic treatments and modalities. The Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers’ Alliance of the Maritimes was the first of its kind in Nova Scotia to offer support and an inclusive forum to wholistic bodywork therapists ensuring the public could be confident in treatments by these professionals.

It was at this time, while we were establishing ourselves, that our decision was made to dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of education and it was decided to base our Massage Therapy standards on those in the regulated provinces. This dedication has grown to include Practice Standards, Continuing Education, and our policies on Grievances and Resolutions.

In 2000, with the increasing demand for more wholistic and natural based approaches to preventative health care we broadened our focus and changed our name to The Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes (MTWPAM). This better reflects our dedication to offering well trained wholistic based health practitioners.

Today MTWPAM continues to provide a unified voice for those working in holistic health care related fields. We offer a framework of support and provide credibility for our professional practitioners and therapists. We follow standards and guidelines set by national and international associations and regulatory bodies and recognized program leaders in our supported modalities. Our members are required to uphold our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We are dedicated to educating the public and the health care community about the benefits of each of our supported modalities.

We encourage and facilitate an interactive and communicative link between complementary health care and medical communities.

Today, many people are exploring the advantages of alternative or complementary health care in addition to established medical approaches and research and studies are proving what Registered Massage Therapists, Wholistic Practitioners and their clients have known for many years…we have a powerful tool at our fingertips.

MTWPAM will continue to offer professional support and education so the public and our members have a voice and the natural health care options they want and need.

Board of Directors & Chair Contact
President, Cora Sproule RMT president@mtwpam.com
Vice President, Alicia Stacey RMT vicepresident@mtwpam.com
Secretary,  Katie Beal RMT secretary@mtwpam.com
Treasurer, Tara Taylor RMT treasurer@mtwpam.com
Member at Large, Bruce Kilburn RMT memberatlarge@mtwpam.com
CEU Chair, Yvette Considine RMT ceu@mtwpam.com
Administrator, Cora Sproule RMT info@mtwpam.com
Grievances,  Board of Directors president@mtwpam.com

We are currently seeking qualified RMT’and WP’s to bring their skill-set to the following Committee positions. We will find a position and time commitment that works for you…  bring your passion and help us create change! 

Committees Contact
Connections info@mtwpam.com
Engagement info@mtwpam.com
Newsletter info@mtwpam.com
Marketing info@mtwpam.com
Public Relations info@mtwpam.com
Wholistic Practitioners’ info@mtwpam.com
Volunteer info@mtwpam.com