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Sign Up for the MTWPAM’s “Find a Practitioner” Referral List

The Demand:

We frequently receive calls from the public seeking names of practitioners who provide specific services. Increasingly we are hearing of extended health care insurance companies checking our website to confirm membership.

Building Public Confidence and Trust:

There is growing public interest and acceptance of both related wholistic therapies and personal health and wellness. Much of the public is hesitant to experience them without some assurance that the practitioners they use have had formal training and are required to abide by an organizational Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Public Accessible Information:

The public will be able to search date via and look up a therapist according to location, specialty and/or specific therapies offered. Only information of the members who have given their consent to be publicly listed will be available.

How You Can Be on the Find a Practitioner Referral List:

Simply fill in the application and consent form, sign it and either mail it or scan and email it to the MTWPAM office. If you are listing a particular treatment/modality for which you have NOT already sent your credentials in to the MTWPAM as part of your original membership application or renewal, please send in the relevant certificate or diploma. Your listing must fall within the scope of massage therapy or of the wholistic modalities which MTWPAM supports.

Please be sure to update the association with any changes to your contact information, your modalities, etc. Expect approximately 14 days for the adjustment or posting to show up online.

Member Public Referral Form