Important Treatment Information

MTWPAM wants the clients of it’s members to have the best experience possible during and after treatment. To ensure this we have a few suggestions that may interest you.

Try to arrive a few minutes before treatment to fill in paperwork, relax and transition into your treatment. Being relaxed and mindful can enhance the benefits of wholistic care.

To ensure you are being treated by a registered member, you have the right to ask for their membership association affiliation. All MTWPAM members are issued a membership card each year and a certificate at joining to identify them as our members.

When you are issued a receipt for your treatment, ensure it has the name, contact information, membership association and number of your therapist.

If you have extended health care coverage it is the policy holder’s responsibility to ensure you know the workings and details of the policy. Often times the therapist will not be given access by the extended health care company to your policy information for your own protection.

If your plan covers you and your spouse or children, the extended health care companies do not allow any type of transfer of benefits from one family member to another. Our therapists are not allowed to bill under another family member they have not treated.

If you have any inquires or concerns about a MTWPAM member you can contact out Administration office for further assistance.