Wholistic Practitioner

Each of our supported modalities has a standard of education which applicants must meet. These standards are set by the modality or profession which may regulate them. In some cases a few professions have special restricted or trademarked names that only the education institute can provide. The modality name may have been trademarked like Rolfing, Bowen and Trager.

Wholistic Practitioner Membership in MTWPAM is independent of Massage Therapy Membership and should not be considered to include Massage Therapy. For modalities the Wholistic Practitioner Membership includes please see the education standards we require for each modality below.

Wholistic Modalities

Wholistic Practitioner Application

Below is the link for Wholistic Practitioner in one of the supported modalities. There you will find a checklist for your benefit of all the required documents as well as the cost of membership. If you have any questions please contact our administration office.