Why choose to join MTWPAM?

The Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes (MTWPAM) has been part of the wellness community since 1994. We have become the fastest growing association which supports massage therapy in Nova Scotia and since 2009 we have become the #1choice of graduating Massage Therapists.

We support the education of the public and health care community about the benefits of each modality we support and are committed to facilitate an interactive and communicative link between complementary health care and medical communities.

We offer clients our best education with ongoing opportunities for learning and practicing our craft. By including diverse wholistic practices, we give our clients what they need and want in a health based practitioner… inclusiveness, professionalism and a variety of modalities to treat.

We offer a…

Wholistic Approach

MTWPAM has the best of both worlds. Not only do we support Massage Therapists, we also support 14 other wholistic modalities. Because of our openness and perspective on inclusivism we provide members the opportunity to embrace their wholistic side and develop a practice which views their clients in a connective and whole manner, not just another body part but a living and vital energy. We have a community of like-minded professionals who use many tools to assist their clients in achieving optimum health.

Progressive Continuing Education Program

A comprehensive Continuing Education Program which encourages volunteering and giving back to the community; a science and modality focused approach with self-study and conventional courses which encompass our philosophy of wholeness by supporting education in other complementary modalities.

Professional Malpractice Insurance

We have access to preferred malpractice insurance or the option to purchase your own separate and independent policy. This insurance can cover just massage or any of our other wholistic modalities or a combination of them to fit the practitioner.

Extended Health Care Industry Recognition

MTWPAM’s Massage Therapists are recognized by insurance companies in Nova Scotia to issue receipts for their treatments. We work closely with these companies to provide our clients with the best possible service.

In addition to paper claim recognition, MTWPAM Massage Therapists offer direct billing through Medavie Blue Cross and Green Shield directly. Through our agreement with TELUS Health Solutions our Massage Therapists offer eClaims for Johnson, Great West Life, Chamber of Commerce, Desjardins, Standard Life, Industrial Alliance and Maximum Benefit. Manulife and Sunlife are preparing to offer this direct bill option in the near future.

Industry Standards of  Practice

Nova Scotia is not a regulated province for Massage Therapy or the Wholistic Practices MTWPAM supports. With no government regulation often times there are no specific standards established for the therapists and practitioners to maintain or for the public to have confidence in the health care these therapists and practitioners provide. Most often the Massage Therapist or Wholistic Practitioner has only the standards which have been taught to them during their training.

MTWPAM has been and remains committed in providing its Massage Therapist  &  Wholistic Practitioner members and the public with Standards of Practice by which the treatments provided and received are of the highest quality. Both the MTWPAM member and the public can have confidence that our Standards and Practice provide safe and effective treatment and ethical business practices.

Our Board of Directors and our membership agree that having Standards of Practice in place is the best way to ensure we are truly maintaining self governing professions with the protection of both our members and the public as our focus.

You can click on the link below to view MTWPAM’s Standards of Practice.


Government Recognition

MTPWAM is a non-profit society registered with the Nova Scotia Joint Registry of Stock Companies and is therefore recognized as a professional association by the Nova Scotia Government. Over the years as an association MTWPAM has communicated and met with the government on issues such as potential legislation of Massage.

Industry Recognition

MTWPAM and its members are proud to be part of a community and industry that recognizes the benefits of professional membership and affiliation. MTWPAM’s reputation has grown steadily within the wholistic community as a leader in providing well trained and wholistic based health service providers. We have been recognized by other national associations for what we do and within that fellowship have grown and centered our focus for the future. In Nova Scotia MTWPAM is a primary association and industry leader in wholistic based approach to health care.

Networking and Information

The Compass, our quarterly newsletter is sent electronically to our members to ensure they are up-to-date on courses, events and changes our members need to know about. The Compass is for our members by our members who are encouraged to provide stories, articles and material.
Our Annual General Meeting is held once a year where we gather to talk about our future, network and where our members have a voice and say on the direction MTWPAM is to go.

Professional Business Listing

On our website we provide our members with no charge professional listing in our Find a Practitioner section to promote their business or employment.

Our Website

We provide information on upcoming events, continuing education, links to our newsletters and other professional related business. Our website is a place for our members to showcase the best of their professional association and is their link to engaging the public in education and promotion of natural and alternative health care.

Unsurpassed Member and Public Services Support

Who says customer service is lacking in today’s professional world! MTWPAM prides itself on maintaining one of the highest professional and time conscious administration offices. While being a professional association in a non-legislated province there is a fine line in providing member support and public protection, MTWPAM has created a balance and guidelines to ensure our mandate to our members and our dedication to public trust is maintained.

What does membership mean?

Membership in MTWPAM, like other professional associations where professions are not regulated, means you are provided a membership number, you follow a Code of Ethics and standards, and participate in continuing your education. In some professions a membership number can be used to issue receipts to extended health care companies. In Nova Scotia we support Massage Therapists who are recognized by these insurance companies and 14 wholistic modalities in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick who are not recognized by extended health care companies at this time. We support these modalities because all professions and practitioners need a voice, guidelines and code of standards and ethics to follow. It’s the best way to move a profession forward. After all it was not all that long ago that massage was not covered by extended health care companies.

What membership is not able to do is to confer any titles to you from your education. As a non-profit society we are governed by the Society Act which prohibits any Associations’ ability to provide a title or to certify your education is anything other that what you have learned. The only title you are able to use is the one that come from your education.