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Joining MTWPAM

Please read the following details before moving further with your application

  1. Membership Types Supported
  2. Membership Checklist (Requirements)
  3. Registration
  4. Payments
  5. Renewals
  6. Transfers and Moving From Other Associations, Provinces, Governing Bodies or Other Countries
  7. More Information

A. Membership Types Supported

  • Massage Therapist (MTs): Requires 2200 hours from an accredited/approved educational institution. 
    • Approved MTs are provided a Registrant Code to allow for direct billing with healthcare benefit providers. See here for more details.
  • Wholistic Practitioner (WPs): All other supported modalities and those applicants with less than 2200 hours of Massage Therapy training.
    • WPs are provided a registration code that they may use for business purposes. 
    • These codes cannot be used for direct billing with healthcare benefit plan providers.
  • Student: Students must provide proof of registration in an approved study programme. There are NO FEES required for student memberships.
  • Wholistic Fitness and Performance Practitioners: Supported coaching and performance practitioners within the realm of sports and fitness similar to Wholistic Practitioner.
  • Inactive / Hiatus: Members who may need to become an inactive practitioner -- such as an academic hiatus, lengthy travel, or child-rearing.
  • Associate: A FREE non-voting Membership designed for those individuals who are involved as suggested below:
      • An Active/Inactive member of another association similar in nature to MTWPAM;
      • Not currently active within an association and may hold membership in similar organizations;
      • An individual employed as an instructor, technician, teacher's assistant, clinic/outreach supervisor or administrator in a therapy program recognized by the association; and,
      • An individual in the healthcare community with a desire to receive information on the practice of wholistic and/or massage therapy.

    B. MTWPAM Membership Application CheckList

    1. Complete the Online Application below:
      1. You will be able to view and agree to the terms, by-laws and code of ethics in the application process. International applicants please review Section F of this document.
    2. Please upload relevant supporting documentation to our secure servers (note the "Documentation/ File Upload" areas):
      1. For example, Institution Transcripts, Graduation Diploma, Proof of Registration (IF A STUDENT).
      2. First Aid Certification(s).
      3. Professional Liability Insurance. Please view the Insurance page. Members must carry at least 2 million in per claim coverage.
      4. Two Professional Reference Letters (or more) that refer to your professionalism, healthcare acumen and suitability to enter this industry.
      5. For new applicants a copy of your most recent Background Check is required and you must complete a declaration during the application process. This document should not be older than 6 months - check with our office if there are questions about this requirement.
        1. There is a service called MyBackCheck that can quickly perform this service (generally within 48 business hours).
    3. Associate membership applicants do not need to submit all the paperwork above:
      1. Applicants for Associate membership are required to provide a letter of standing from that association OR professional reference letters. 

      2. Candidates for Therapist or Practitioner membership from outside Nova Scotia - Please review the section below on transferring from other governing bodies.

    4. Payment amounts are listed next to the membership type.
      1. Please DO NOT submit any payments until the application has been approved. While 'Pro-rated' amounts are shown below next to membership type to give you an idea of what to expect, it is not advised to send payment immediately after completing an application.

      2. An invoice is automatically generated when you apply, in order to set up the account, and may not reflect the pro-rated costs to be paid upon approval.

    5. All applicants must review the Declaration section and upload their background check and required documents before an application may be considered for review. Insurance is not required at time of application.

    C. How to Begin Registration

    • Please select your membership type from the Choices provided and then choose 'Next' at the bottom right of this page.
    • ** Other fees (e.g. annual membership) may vary from time to time. Please look below to see the current fee structure in Canadian Funds. **

     D. PAYMENTS and Fees

    • Amounts to be paid for your registration are listed BELOW next to the membership type. Please scroll down the page.
    • These amounts may be pro-rated based on the date at which you submit to join the association. 
      • Annual Registration Fees would be $125.00 for Massage Therapists and $100.00 for Wholistic Practitioners. 
      • Scroll down this page to see the pro-rated amount next to the membership type. This amount may change based on the day of the month that you apply.
    • MTWPAM currently accepts eTransfers to for payment OR using PayPal. Password suggestion is on the invoice.
    • Additional Fees on Late Renewal: Up to $ 50.00 CAD. 

    E. Renewals and annual declaration

    • Current members can select the renewal option from their profile page. Please check there for the RENEW option or visit the renewal page if you did not use the invoice.
    • Please update your profile information and upload any relevant CEU, First Aid and Insurance Documents to the "Membership Documentation" area. 
    • Members not active or inactive members of MTWPAM for more than one year may be required to apply as a 'new applicant' or meet other stipulations. 
    • Each year members must submit an Annual Declaration to maintain their status (login required).

    F. TRANSFERS and Moving from other associations, PROVINCES, governing bodies or COUNTRIES

    • Potential Registrants Outside Nova Scotia will need to provide all educational certifications and have their application reviewed.
    • Applicants with active membership in a similar association are required to provide a letter of standing from that association. The other governing body should confirm: a. Your membership status; b. That you have demonstrated good character; and, c. That the governing body is not aware of any outstanding complaints, incidents, or disciplinary action, relating to your membership.

    • Liability Insurance is required and not provided by MTWPAM. Please see the insurance FAQ for more details. In most cases your existing insurance provider can help you with any policy related questions. 
      • Insurance from other associations may not transfer to this association and requires confirmation from your liability insurance provider.  ** Please note that MTANS insurance policies are not transferrable to other associations. **

    • Internationally Trained therapists must have graduated from a recognized, accredited college or university education institution. 
      • Therapists who do not meet the requirements of at least 2200 hours of training may not use the title of Massage Therapist per the Massage Therapist Titles Protection Act of Nova Scotia.
      • Therapists with other training and experience may reach out to recognized educational institutions to challenge for credit equivalency. 

      G. More Information

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