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  • March 29, 2020 16:02
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    Bruce Kilburn (Administrator)

    Good day everyone,

    In an effort to streamline the timeliness of communication, and to help unify members of our healthcare profession, MTWPAM would like to announce the following measures:

    1. MTWPAM CEU and First Aid Requirements will be 'deferred' for the foreseeable future;
    2. Our FaceBook Group has been opened to like-minded members of the healthcare community;
    3. Associate Memberships are now available for free in a spirit of belonging and friendship. Associate memberships are open to those in other associations (or working in the fields of massage or wholistic therapy) who may wish to receive information/updates from MTWPAM.

    For more information on these initiatives please visit the group or reach out to MTWPAM.

    Thank you.

    MTWPAM Board


    Deferred Continuing Education and First Aid Requirements

    The Board understands that finances may be an issue at this time and we do not wish to burden our membership unnecessarily. We understand that not everyone is capable of completing their renewals of expiring training as a result of the health order restrictions upon us all.

    Continuing Education and First Aid Training requirements have been 'relaxed' or deferred for the foreseeable future. This directive will be reviewed and adjusted as we return to work again.

    To clarify, members are temporarily excused from CEU requirements for the next several months.

    If you are capable of attending any required training, virtually, we applaud your efforts and welcome your certifications.

    We would like to thank the many education providers for their ability to provide alternative training options.

    Should you be concerned about meeting your CEU requirements, please reach out to the association.

    FaceBook Group 'Opened' to Like-minded Healthcare Workers

    Our President recently changed the group from Closed Private to Closed Public in order to allow interested members of the healthcare and bodywork community to join and stay up to date. All interested facebook users must still pass through a review process and acknowledge the community rules.

    Associate Memberships

    The Board of Directors met recently to approve emergency operations initiatives. One of these initiatives relates to memberships across other associations and institutions.

    MTWPAM is opening up Associate Memberships in a spirit of unity, belonging and inclusion.

    Associate Membership is designed for those individuals who are:

    • An Active/Inactive member of another association similar in nature to MTWPAM.
    • Not currently active within an association and may hold membership in similar organizations.
    • An individual who is employed as an instructor, technician, teacher's assistant, clinic/outreach supervisor or administrator in a therapy program recognized by the association.
    • An individual in the healthcare community with a desire to receive information on the practice of wholistic and/or massage therapy.

    Associate Member Restrictions

    Associate members may receive communications from our association and may take part in discussions and our AGM. Associate members may not be able to vote and cannot request billing privileges from insurance benefit providers.

    If you know of anyone who may wish to become part of our community, please have them visit the website MTWPAM.COM and complete the application process.

    Thank you for your continued support. Together we can continue to make a difference!

    On behalf of the Board of Directors

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