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  • [Online] Academy of Integrative Medicine: A Field Guide To Fascia

[Online] Academy of Integrative Medicine: A Field Guide To Fascia

  • May 17, 2021
  • December 31, 2021

A Field Guide to FASCIA

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  • Course Length: 1.5 hours (CEUs: Primary Category "A")
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Course Description

In the world of manual medicine, few tissues get more attention than fascia these days. And that is for a good reason. Since we first started exploring human anatomy as a science, this wonder tissue has been discarded as little more than wrapping around the tissues. Now, we are beginning to see it for what it is: A tensional force transmission tissue. A tissue of communication. A system of defence. A feeling, a living system, and so much more.

In this course, we talk all things fascia. We go through all of the main characteristics, functions and dysfunctions of fascia. We dig into the anatomy and see how even the smallest part of this system communicates, affects and interacts with the whole. Understanding the myofascial system gives us a much deeper appreciation of how everything is connected.

This course is all about the theory; as Thomas Myers says, "It is not our job to promote one technique over another, nor even to posit a mechanism for how any technique works. All therapeutic interventions, of whatever sort, are a conversation between two intelligent systems." We will discuss different forms of therapies that are affecting change in the myofascial system, but the focus is understanding the tissue as a whole.


Academy of Integrative Medicine (AIM) launched in early 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We are deeply empathetic to the psychological and financial challenges being faced by our community and regularly discount the cost of our courses to allow you to continue your professional development in the wake of the pandemic at an affordable price. 

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