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[Mixed] Seminars for Health: 2022 Course Offerings

  • March 18, 2022
  • December 31, 2022
  • https://www.seminarsforhealth.ca/

Seminars for Health - 2022 Offerings

Website: https://www.seminarsforhealth.ca/

Contact Details:

eMail Address: info@seminarsforhealth.ca

Business Address:

Seminars for Health

100-1822 10th Avenue SW

Calgary Alberta

Canada T3C 0J8

Course Offerings and MTWPAM Equivalent Credits

Please note that MTWPAM CEUs do not generally include breaks over 15 minutes for the purposes of CEU calculations. Lunches without instruction are not considered learning time.


SFH Orthopedic Massage Bundle A (16+ Hours Primary)

1. Orthopedic Massage of the Chest and Anterior Shoulder (04 Primary)

2. Orthopedic Massage of the Rotator Cuff (04 Primary)

3. Orthopedic Massage of the Anterior Neck (04 Primary)

4. Orthopedic Massage of the Posterior Neck (04 Primary)

5. Effective Tissue Manipulation (2.5 Primary - ONLINE COMPONENT)

SFH Orthopedic Massage Bundle B (16+ Hours Primary)

5. Orthopedic Massage of the Hip and Thigh (2.5 Primary)

6. Orthopedic Massage of the Leg and Foot (2.5 Primary)

7. Orthopedic Massage of the Lumbar/SI (2.5 Primary)

8. Orthopedic Massage of the Forearm, Wrist, and Hand (2.5 Primary)

9. Effective Tissue Manipulation (2.5 Primary - ONLINE COMPONENT)

Certification: Orthopaedic Massage (32 hours Primary)

Certification: Kinetic Massage (21 hours Primary)

Certification: IntraOral TMJ (14 hours Primary)

Certification: Dynamic Cupping (14 hours Primary)

Hot Stone Massage (14 hours Primary)
Aroma Massage  (5 hours Secondary)
Facial Decompression (14 hours)

SFH Pre and Postnatal Massage Certification program (21 hours Primary)


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